Software Integration


Magento Extensions

Integration for the Magento extensions is relatively simple and straightforward.  Upon notifying of the acceptance of either the on-line or tax import extension,  you will receive a condensed file by e-mail.   After the file is unzipped, it can be uploaded via ftp to the root directory of your Magento application.  After upload,  there will be a few minor housekeeping issues, such as clearing cache, and the extension will be installed.  A “Read Me” word document clearly explaining the steps to follow will be included in the e-mail along with the extension.  We will also be available by Skype to assist with the installation (by sharing your screen if you prefer).  If you select the 5-digit zip code import extension, we will also include the files for the States you select and assist in the initial import.  These files will also be provided as attachments to e-mails sent to you.  Updated files are provided quarterly.

If you select the Magento on-line extension, you will first need to register at the Registration tab.  By registering, you are identifying your particular requirements, e. g. States where taxes are collected, etc., and a userid and password.  By registering, an e-mail will be sent to you with a condensed zip file and “Read Me” file for installation.  When installing your Magento on-line extension, you will again specify the userid and password–the userid and password identifies you when querying


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